Turkey began with the female revolution parliament

09 Şubat 2009 Pazartesi 16:29
Turkey began with the female revolution parliament. 2009 Local Government Election-party candidates in many of the women was chosen. Istanbul is the region kozmopolitik Zeytinburnu Democratic Party broke the shell, the candidates showed the first lady mayor.
Grand National Assembly of Turkey to the voters sent 50 women MPs. The proportion of women deputies in the 550 per cent between 9.1 was reached. Percent in 2002 elections in the Assembly 4:36 'hood ratios are 22 women deputies, while 399 representatives of 4:51 percent yeraldığı 1935 elections' lik rates were 18 women in parliament. 2009 Local Government Election Candidate for Mayor of the many women in Istanbul. Democratic Party Candidate Neşe Acar Zeytinburnu Mayor since Kılıçer the island's first female mayor.
The most striking indicator Zeytinburnu women. The district is one of the powerful feudal structure Zeytinburnu'nda Kılıçer who, as mayor of the island men were left behind. Is considered as a new and serious Zeytinburnu'nda lady in the network perform a study of the priority Neşe Acar Kılıçer the women's rights, violence against women. However, 'without vandalize' the message is going to struggle.
Nominated by the Democratic Party Kılıçer Neşe Acar, higher educated, and many civil society is Kuruluşu'nunda management. Family as the daughter of a radical democratic party Zeytinburnu'nda that women in politics Kılıçer the revolution's goal to make to ensure the equality of men and women. Born in 1975 and originally Trabzon with the Zeytinburnu the Kılıçer, married and mother of a child. Besides the politics involved with household's biggest goal is Kılıçer revolution Zeytinburnu'nda by women, to take fair services to everyone.
Zeytinburnu Mayor's first interview on the island have done with Neşe Acar Kılıçer faced with each other, are interesting comments.
* First, if we can identify you?
Yes. I was born in 1975 in Zeytinburnu. Actually have to Trabzon. Semsettin Sami in my Primary Elementary School, High School High School at the University İhsan Mermerciler the Economic and Administrative Sciences Faculty of the University section done. I worked in Human Resources for ISE. I am married and I have a.
* Is it the political will to resume talking about?
But the fundamental Zeytinburnu family I am the daughter of Acarlar family. My father is a former Democratic party. We are a radical democratic party family. I with the Democratic Party in a very early age. Long time, this party would take part in the various fields.met
Zeytinburnu lover I'm a man. I was born here, and here I am one who knows the issues very well. I am a candidate's first female mayor of Zeytinburnu. Women in politics now should be also mentioned. Since I am now.
* Yes. Your name constantly in the forefront Zeytinburnu. I can see. You are against a very strong candidate. Do you believe you're going to win this election?
Of course, I believe. To believe that half of the passes to make and achieve. I am also a person Zeytinburnu recognized. As the strongest candidate against me I would only see Murat Aydın. Other candidates do not think I will be forced.
* Why Murat Aydın. Is it because of the ruling party?
No. It must not be forgotten and not missed. Local elections voting rate of women is very important. Rather the work of women is very important organizations. Zeytinburnu Mayor Murat Aydın, Zeytinburnu also very good using the power of women. In particular, women in each district to provide arms and financial support from the president, just as it can. But I'm gonna break it. To win the election by the Zeytinburnu to work and to give serious priority will continue.
* So how Mayor Murat Aydın's work do you find?
Frankly, I do not get better. I do not find good people is not. Street politics is not allowed to flag in two. Politics is the biggest base for people. During a period of nine years before the election that the public did not see Murat Aydın's face. As Mayor of the people did not get into. People did not provide a dialogue with the heat. Besides, the waste of public money and made permanent. An example of the wall hanging on the streets, the "How To" on banners. They change every week. Who is your money with. Of course, with public funds. Aydın is 5 thousand USD salary. When you look at the selection work is spending billions. This mill is where they come from the water. I need to ask and to question them.
* So, why vote for you are citizens. As the island's first female mayor of Zeytinburnu what do you promise?
We have a very important and beautiful projects. As a woman I first domestic non-violence and victimization of women to work as going to start. His next earthquake and urban transformation issues, women and youth oriented projects, health projects, urban traffic projects, maintenance, and help needy people for projects, sports activities, projects, parks and gardens for the projects, our district management projects and training in the field of projects I'll sign.
* Earthquakes and urban transformation project for some Are you open?
When we get the first job in the municipality for this project will put. First, the coordination center will follow up the earthquake. In none of the urban transformation project, home owners and tenants will not be a victim. Urban transformation without demanding any fee to owners will be delivered at the offices and workplaces.
* So what kind of women and young people have a project?
Shelters for women victims of violence will follow up. Women, children and youth clubs will create. Coordination Center will create temporary employment agency. Women's contribution to the family budget to create shopping centers. You'll work in handicrafts and hand. Women on the council permission to enter.
* Health is in the area of project did you talk about are short of?
And nursing home for elderly parents in need of health care will be given. Create centers for substance addicts rehabitilasyon. Health is not a guarantee of citizens will be victims in any way.
* Finally, what do you want to say?
First, you and your personal interest due to the show I want to thank your team. Zeytinburnu'nda revolution will be a woman. From young to old for this, women equal to men in the future for a service I would like to bid again.
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