Saadet Party Candidate Şişli Mayor İlknur Karaaslan


Saadet Party Candidate Şişli Mayor İlknur Karaaslan

11 Şubat 2009 Çarşamba 11:17
Saadet Party Candidate Şişli Mayor İlknur Karaaslan, "Our people want the National Opinion municipality. Because of the time difference and the other in the National Opinion clearly seen," he said. Which will create a women's revolution in Şişli Karaaslan'ın is the most interesting aspects is the daughter of a family CHP. The number of popular and in Şişli Karaaslan, will create a revolution, politics, women in power will bring together the Saadet Party, and the choice between open receivables were recorded.

Saadet Party, local elections will make a big output! Turkey's all over the landscape; National Vision and that's the ramp before the local elections, then the general elections to usher in the Saadet power.
As intense as on the agenda of the Saadet Party, one of Istanbul's Sisli district, where ... Regulating the participation of older programs, the support of the masses behind and be with women who make a difference Şişli Mayor Candidate Ilknur Karaaslan, Saadet Party says ambitious in Sisli. The race for mayor of Sisli, and opinion polls ahead of many competitors who spoke Karaaslan Şişli and the National Opinion municipality.
Why Saadet Party?

I am the daughter of Republican People's party a family. My mother and father CHP. But I prefer the Saadet Party. Because I would adopt the National Line. My family has supported me, although the CHP. "Why Saadet Party?" Say. Rights advocate, with an understanding that politics is over and no matter what the cost of this line does not leave any of the Saadet Party chose. Moreover, our President Prof. Dr. Follow the style and rhetoric of Kurtulmuş Numan, and I was like. Saadet Party, then a party of Turkey will be ambitious. I believe that deep.
• Why Sisli Municipality? If you really strong candidates. Do you believe you will win?

I was born in Şişli and work for many years I've worked so Şişli Region. So for me to Şişli an adherence to the debt service. All candidates for election to the men in a town that I have a special profile. Now the term has come into politics to women. Why is my sense of being male in public support I'm getting serious. Also now our people, the National Opinion municipality is adopted. Saadet Party has adopted. I found it at home meeting. Each segment of the Saadet Party, the leftist rightist says. Because a party will not vote now in serious.
• Şişli means for you?

Which has a cosmopolitan structure Şişli, our city is one of the most central district. Many districts have strategic importance in terms of transition. Living and working in Şişli an element of prestige. Trade and exchange because of the potential of the Turkish people not only for citizens of many countries is an important prerogative.
Mili Görüş municipality, the municipality has caused a revolution to happen in the municipality as the reference shows the National Opinion municipality. What is the municipality of the National Opinion?

There are three main motto of the National Opinion municipality. These 'Social municipality',
'Transparent municipality' and 'Belediyecilik'tir waiter. Social municipality; poorest of the rich, every kind of ethnic-religious identity will be able to open the door without hesitation and the municipality is to enter. To the needs of the population, according to the municipality's authority to respond. I understand the poor people of the municipality in general is social. But not only for the poor to help us, our understanding of a municipality. Cultural and social activities at the same time ... Go to the waiter's feet does not citizens with municipality. In this context, our goal is to identify the problems of citizens and, to generate solutions. Our county is a vast area spread to Şişli. We have a transparent understanding of municipality. This council will not be any secret means business.
For the Mayor of Sisli Sisli if you gonna do?

Especially for young people and women going to work. They said great. Şişli a trade center. My identity and my commercial experience economist, Şişli's a better trade, education, and I will strive to become the financial center. We will soon share with the people of Şişli projects.
Politics What does it mean for you?

Politics in general, and managed relationships with management can be defined as. Politics is the success of the management of these relationships into the process of reconciliation in the conflict. Politics is a place that serves the nation!
Female politicians in what is happiness? Saadet Party, also in people's minds it is perceived as a lady with the turban. You do not wear turban. The daughter of a family of origin are contrary CHP would say. Do you buy the house at meetings react?

Yes, I am a child of a family origin the CHP. My family supports me and respects my opinion. Also encountered a problem as you. Saadet Party candidates are turbaned So he never received a request from anyone. But I want you to know. Saadet Partisi shell has changed now. Us, our door is open to everyone. Turban, the head is turned to the left also .. Obviously, we do not divide religion and opinion. Because the only real party in Turkey is the Saadet Party. Is a party of clean politics.

Saadet Party in fact very active in the women's press, but this situation does not reflect too much. Great success in the history of women in the National Vision Party of arms, the young girls have serious share. Party in the women or men do not think politicians have to be a big difference. Yet women have the advantage of being, a more polite to us, is more tolerant and supportive approach with an attitude.
Long periods in Şişli selection regardless of who enters and who was the mayor of Sisli Mayor Mustafa Sarigul What do you say? Do you think this period is difficult Sarigul?

Sarıgül, the balance of power is left. Better able to Şişli and Şişli it deserves. Will win a lot of the Sisli municipality to the national opinion there. Because a local development model of the National Opinion municipality. The construction of our purpose and the exhaust gas of Şişli gray conditioner people breathing space to recover, is to provide a green life in Sisli. This is definitely not a luxury. Is the natural right of the people of Şişli!

As originally Elazığ'lı Karaaslan, was born in 1970 in Sisli. Police Department who retired at the top-level police officials and Members of the girl is a retired teacher. Karaaslan, in 1986 graduated from Baltalimanı Behçet Kemal Çağlar Lisesi. Istanbul University Faculty of Economics in 1991 and successfully graduated from the Economics Department. University Institute of Social Sciences in the European Union Policies and Industrial Relations Department Soysal graduate education was needed. During this period, "Private Employment Agency to meet in Turkey in the Labor Market" was preparing a thesis topic. At the same time to trade in discarded paper, cardboard and packaging industry sales manager for various companies and worked as export manager. Good command of English and Italian knows loves to travel Karaaslan. So far the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Bulgaria, Thailand, Singapore, Ukraine, Georgia, Syria, Saudi Arabia, who visited Cyprus in the ring to serve the purpose of the largest Karaaslan.
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